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A plain-English explanation of how the California property tax system works


The California property tax links, news, and information on this site have been provided since July 4, 1996 as a public service of James Bone, CPA



Jim Bone's Book
Property Tax California Style

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Property Tax California Style ISBN: 0-9663310-7-9

A practical 400-page resource for property owners, property managers, appraisers, attorneys, CPA's, controllers, and other professionals who are involved in the process of California property taxation. Includes information about California's property tax system, taxable and exempt property types, valuation methods, and chapters on how leased properties, business properties, and a variety of specialty types of homes and properties are taxed. Also includes chapters on tax assessments, bills, and appeals. 

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Sample Chapter from the book

Table of Contents

Chapters on: Chapter Title:
Property Tax Overview
Physical Property
Property Rights
Property Ownership
Overview of Property
Taxable Property
Nontaxable Property
Exempt Property
Value of Taxable Property
Property Value
Approaches to Value
Valuing Leased Properties
Valuing Business Properties
Valuing Business Equipment
Assessable Value of Taxable Property
Base Year Value
Change of Ownership
New Construction
Special Properties
Possessory Interests
Mineral Properties
Restricted Properties
Homes and Homeowners
Mobilehome Taxation
Billing and Collection
Assessment Appeals
Planning an Assessment Appeal Hearing
Appendixes and Lists
California Property Tax on the Internet
County Assessor, Appeals, Tax Collector Offices
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